Naturally, I’ve always had a hometown library card. When my move to the Mainland drifted into being permanent, the card still reflected the address of my childhood. I always expected to have to update it, but it never expired.
Until yesterday.
Okay, no biggie. I would verbally confirm my address, and continue picking out books for beach reading. No, to update the card, I would have to show proof. Of local address.
Not tragically, however (public libraries don’t do tragic. They may be treated tragically, but they do no inflict tragedy on others.) My card was changed to Visitor’s Status, which meant it was good for 3 months, and I paid $10. Yes, all well and good, and the Hawaii State Library system can definitely use the money, but it’s another sign that I am an ex-pat, not of the Islands anymore.


There’s been stories going around that Obama is not a ‘natural-born’ U.S. citizen. Total bunk, of course.  A big part of that is racism, but remember, John McCain had to contend with it, too.   No, I think part of it has to do with being born in Hawaii, which has that ‘other/non-America’ aura.  It doesn’t connect to the rest of the United States!  You can’t drive there!  It’s got exotic-looking people!  When I was growing up, it wasn’t unusual for tourists to refer to the Mainland as ‘The States’ (you still hear it a little bit, but usually from people over 60).   Even now, when Hawaii has almost every chain store imaginable, and Island icons (Hawaiian Tel, Longs) are being taken over, people can get starry-eyed when you say you are from Hawaii.

I’m actually surprised that the conspiracy nuts just don’t say Obama is lying about his age.  If he was born 3 years earlier (1958), Hawaii would have been a territory, not a state (yeah, still faulty reasoning, but marginally more plausible.)

In other local boy news, let’s hear it for Eric Shinseki!  Shaka, brah!