frenchbulldog_360x400You can’t own a dog for ten minutes without learning that chocolate is bad for it. I know it, I swear I do. But Old Pup is out to prove me wrong.

A few weeks ago, I took the Valentine See’s truffles to work, to keep them from the other chocolate hound in the household, DH. Amazingly, I didn’t have any myself, and forgot they were in my bag. The next day, in between household errands, I told DH, “We better stop by the house. I left the See’s candy in my work bag.”

I was a little worried, but while Old Pup can beeline for treats in my fanny pack stored in a bin, she can also be oblivious to goodies in jacket pockets. She could still be asleep…

Opening the front door, I found that my bag had indeed been raided, but all was well. Old Pup had been decoyed by the half-full bag of Hershey Hugs (the white chocolate Kisses), which now lay shredded and empty, with a few stray bits of foil. The golden truffle box was untouched.