I subscribe to some podcasts (geek confession:  I actually prefer to listen to radio broadcasts than music), most notably Radio Lab.  I also recorded for our very own CCCL story podcasts.  You need to be careful with podcasts and pick a story that can stand on its own without the pictures.  We are such a visual society (and getting more so with every technological advance), that we forget that words can paint a picture.  Seems like some of the writers and editors forget this as well (especially artist/writers).

Vodcasts add the visual element, and many layers of complication, since you usually have to ramp up the technical sophistication.  The Fort Allen library video showed a nice variety of shots:  long, close-up, overhead.  That meant a lot of camera shots and a lot of time editing.  On the other hand, after the library video, I watched a craft video on the making a coffee sleeve into a cuff bracelet.  This video was just a close-up of the hands.  While there was a bit of editing, it certainly wasn’t as fancy.  But that would be a cool thing for the library — to make a craft, and then show the book and have a subtitle:  “for more projects like these, check out…”  Not sure what kind of copyright violations that would be.