Me and Meebo don’t quite see eye to eye (e to e?).  Admittedly, most of this is missed connections; I’m not online when the meebo lab or any of my buddies are on.  For meebo, or any IM to work, you have to be connected to your device, which has to be on.  I am quite 20th century, and prefer not to be so available. 

Unlike most of the upcoming masses, it seems.  I can see the library using it, especially for a teen page.  Is there a way to get it on the MySpace page?  You then have to have someone monitoring it.  Because if patrons don’t get a quick response, they’re not going to use it anymore.

But we better move fast.  It looks like there’s a similar game in town:  18002ChaCha, to be used on any mobile phone.  For twenty cents (when will there be a keyboard that includes the cents sign?  I’d definitely buy it) you can text a message and get an answer within minutes.  I heard about it on public radio, but neither NPR or Marketplace gave me a hit.  Here’s a totally biased explanation from the ceo