There are 4 young hawks in our nearby park. When I walk the dog, I can hear the high calls (for food? for company?) and see them flapping from tree to tree. The parents were kept busy feeding these voracious youngsters, and though I hoped some of the many,many squirrels in the park would disappear, most of the food seemed to be pigeons, judging by the scattered feathers beneath the trees. But not only feathers. I heard Old Pup go crunch, crunch around the base of a tree. Old Pup is a master forager, and must be monitored around picnic tables. But it wasn’t a chicken bone I pulled from her mouth. It was much smaller and slenderer; some unidentifiable pigeon part.

Well, I guess Old Pup is just fulfilling her part in the ecosystem.

In other news, Mr. Kitty decided to take control of his own diet. Since being diagnosed with FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder), he is having to go on Hills c/d (what does the ‘c’ stand for? Why not u/d?). Mr. Kitty is an obliging sort, and ate his prescription kibble, with occasional longing glances at our cheese and chicken (previously, he would be rewarded with these tidbits if he looked pathetic enough). Yesterday, DH (Dear Husband) heard the cat come in, meowing for attention, which he often does. DH turned around, only to see Mr. Kitty come around the corner with a bird in his mouth. To his credit, DH did not scream at the cat, but he did tell Mr. Kitty to get outside in a rather commanding voice. Mr. Kitty did, and since DH didn’t want to share the bounty, Mr. Kitty ate it all himself.

This was something of a surprise to us, for Mr. Kitty would not be considered the Great Orange Hunter. He has brought in a couple of mice, and once a rat (which he let go in the house), but we’ve seen him chatter at birds, which doesn’t seem much like an effective technique. And we’ve never seen him eat his prey.

Which shows you what he thinks of his diet.